About Broken Robot NYC

In the recent years, I’ve been soaking up anything sci-fi that came into view, from Star Wars and Star Trek to more robot-focused movies such as Wall-E and Iron Giant. I’ve found that most droids, humanoids and robots alike found in these films and television series are often more human than the humans playing human roles, and maybe the reason that is has to do with the human tendency to essentially repress or hide most emotions we are experiencing, especially extreme ones, for one reason or another. These non-human characters often feel the most human, even compared to their human co-stars, and usually end up helping their human counterparts to come to some very important human realizations. 

The human-made entities are often unencumbered with the anxieties/doubts/shame/egos that would normally force a human to hide. I always thought, how beautiful is that? An unadulterated personification of the human experience minus the stuff that causes us to hide from each other? Maybe we unconsciously created these richly emotional robots over the years to help us feel less alone with our own inner world, and to express what only an emotional surrogate could bare. 

I feel closer to myself each time I bring one of these robots to life, and I hope some of you feel closer to yourself as well while viewing these. I invite my viewers to be a robot, whatever that looks like for you right now, to own your emotional world and to sit with who you really are. I hope some of these pieces help you to do just that. 

Cheers to robot human experience.